Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures lay the foundation for good employee performance and conduct.

Without an understanding of what’s expected and what’s acceptable, employees can demonstrate a surprising range of behavior. We have some amazing case studies we can share!


Policies and procedures can also protect your business in the event that an employee does behave in a way that’s…. unexpected.

Even small businesses can benefit from having a suite of clear and comprehensive HR policies and procedures.

Of course you can purchase a set of templates or find them free on the internet… but then what do you do with them? How do you know which ones are really relevant to your business, and which ones are just overkill? Do you know that having some policies in place can actually put your business at risk if you forget what they are and you don’t follow them?


Hr Policies

We stay on top of case law and legislation to ensure that we customize policies and procedures for you that are current, applicable and relevant.

We can also help you implement them with staff by holding consultation sessions, to give employees a chance to ask questions about specific policies and the potential impact on them.

Basically we can give you as little or as much support as you need – from simply customizing the documents to suit your business through to acting as the employer’s agent for the consultation and implementation processes.