Performance and Conduct Management

Performance and conduct management

Even the best employees can have bad days. And the worst employees… well, let’s just say they can make an employer or manager’s job a nightmare.


We specialize in advising and supporting employers with performance and conduct management issues, including:

  • Disciplinary processes, including those leading to termination of employment
  • Investigations into allegations of misconduct
  • Defining meaningful Performance Indicators that deal with how employees impact on the bottom line
  • Developing and implementing Performance Appraisal systems
  • Ways to recognize good performance.


HR Performance management

We coach managers through the process and have templates available to plan discussions.

We ask questions to assess the risk of the options for dealing with poor performance or conduct, and are honest in setting out those risks so Clients can make an informed decision.

We regularly sit in on performance discussions with employees to give our Clients confidence and to act as their witness to the conversation.

As always, our service is tailored to suit your needs.