To provide employers with simple, straightforward solutions to people problems.

Our Values:

  • Service Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Fairness


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Our Approach

We partner with our Clients to provide the human resources solutions that make sense for their business. We focus on protecting your business from risks that come with having employees – whether it’s navigating the maze of award and legal compliance, dealing with poor performance or misconduct, helping employees to understand what’s expected of them, consulting about changes in the workplace or helping in difficult times such as employment separation or redundancy.

We work across Australia and we have a solid understanding of legal and compliance requirements for a range of industries including manufacturing, health services, ICT, building and construction, NGOs, aged care, child care, community services, IT, professional services, retail, real estate and fast food.

No matter what kind of business you have, if you have people, at some point you will have ‘people problems’.  HR with ease® is a cost-effective option to help you through.

Quality Assurance

Yvonne is a fully-accredited Lead Auditor for Integrated Management Systems (Quality, OHS and Environment) as per ISO9001, AS4801 and IS14001. We understand the importance of a quality system and how it can enhance a business’ output and services. Quality is about exceeding customer expectations and our Value of Service Excellence is founded on that concept.

HR with ease® has helped clients to review quality objectives, put in place strategies to achieve behavioural change around quality, and prepare for external audits associated with maintaining ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Our Quality Objectives are:

  • To achieve 95% client satisfaction or greater
  • To attribute 50% of business growth to client referrals, based on their satisfaction with the service delivered


HR with ease® was selected as a finalist in the 2015 Illawarra Business Awards in the ‘Excellence in Business Ethics’ category. This recognises our approach to our Clients, our employees and our community.

We were Highly Commended in the category of Outstanding Contribution to the Community at the IWIB 2017 Awards.

Most recently, we were Highly Commended in the IWIB Customer Focus Awards 2019.

Our Principal

Yvonne Walker, Managing Director & Principal, has 30 years of experience working in human resources in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Sydney basin, Newcastle, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand.

Yvonne fell into human resources by accident – or maybe it was by design. It has been a natural fit with her values and energy. She has always been passionate about fairness, and a critical aspect of human resources is being able to balance fairness to the business with fairness to employees. Yvonne has proven her ability to achieve this balance for her Clients.

Employee problems are often unique and complex, and Yvonne thrives on variety and problem solving. Her ability to make things simple and straightforward helps Clients with decision making.

A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology laid the foundation for a role in the field and later studies include law, Training and Assessment and Adult Education.

Yvonne has worked in all aspects of human resources and would say that nothing surprises her about employees, or managers, any more.

Clients gain extra value from Yvonne’s ability to see the big picture, her commercial savvy and her broad understanding of a range of business functions including Quality and Continuous Improvement,  Governance, Business Development and Work Health and Safety.